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Intensive courses

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Banks Profitability Management
Letter of Credit (LC)
Concepts, Methods and contracts of National and International Financing
Application of Microsoft Excel in Financial Engineering and Risk Management
Projects Cost Control and Liquidity Management
Effective use of Tenders’ Rules and Regulations
establishing and Development of a Successful Project Management Office (PMO)
MATLAB Application in Risk Management and Portfolio Optimization
Analyzing Bank’s Financial Statements
Technical Analysis in Financial Markets
Project Management based on PMBOK:2013
Tax Law
Private Banking
Analysis of Time Series and Panel Data Using Eviews
Financial Management for Nonfinancial Managers
Introduction of Cash Flow Statements Analyzing Financial Statements (Elementary)
Financial Modeling Using Microsoft Excel
Application of COMFAR in Evaluation of Investing Projects Economic Evaluation of Investing projects
Stocks Valuation
Modern Techniques for Costing based on TDABC, ABC, etc.
Principals of Credit Risk Management
Project Risk Management with PertMaster
Claim Management
Assets and Liabilities Management in Banks and Financial Institutions (ALM)
Applied Technical Analysis
Projects Cost Estimation and Control
MATLAB Application in Risk Management and Portfolio Optimization (Elementary and Advanced)
Analyzing Bank’s Financial Statements
Course on Risk Management of Exchange Rate
Introduction to Behavioral Finance
Real Estate Investment Funds
Entrepreneurship Finance
Futures Contracts
How to prepare bankable projecrts
Real Estate Investment Funds; Principles, Structure and Operation
Hedge Funds
Introduction to Securitization
Credit Rating
Investment Banking
Structuring Projects for Financing
Risk Management in export projects
Export Finance
How to prepare Business plan
Sukuk; Principles, Structure and Operation
Risk Hedging in Islamic Financing
International Financing in Water, Electricity and Energy Industries
International Financing in Oil and Energy Industry
International Financing in Infrastructure Projects
Initial public offering (IPO)