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Vision and Mission

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Finance and Investment Group of Center for technology studies of Sharif university of Technology perspective: OR simply (our perspective)

Possessing a national and regional brands in providing specialized training and consulting and carrying out value creating and applied research in the field of financial services and investment.

Furthermore providing Scientific support for financial activities and investments in governmental and non-governmental organizations and Industrial and non-industrial firms and financial intermediaries and institutions and national and regional decision-makers and decision-maker.

Our Goals:

• Defining the community needs and attempting to solve problems (Problem Solving) in the form of policy recommendations

• Close interaction with the executive agencies and finding out organizations, firms and industries basic and main needs.

• Putting all our Efforts to promote and disseminate knowledge in the field of financial services and investment

• Support and work towards the formation of research centers, centers of thought and financial institutions to develop the country's financial system

• Providing operational solutions to meet the needs of managers, experts and decision-makers in the field of financial management and investment

• Cooperation with international organizations to develop the country's financial system.

• Planning and efforts to meet the country's financial firms and organizations by