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Our History

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Center for technology studies of Sharif University, has begun its activities under the direct supervision of the Research Council of Sharif University since 1377 and has known as the country's first tank think for economic, industrial and technological studies & activities.

In the beginning our focus was on technological and technical issues based on the university areas of expertise, but after the strategic approach of the university to the field of management and economics the activities of this center also shifted toward these fields. The center currently active groups are as the following:

Finance and Investment Group

Industrial Potential Development Group

Business Administration and Business Development Group

Department of Management and Economics

The financial and investment management group has been formed in 1383 according to the needs and the importance of financial system development in economic growth, and especially by the Testimonials of the country's experts and managers of that time in the area of financing and investing To provide educational services, advocacy, research, consultancy and development in the areas of financial management and investment.

Currently the focus of the group which is considered as the recent group of this center are the investigation, analysis and dissemination of research findings in the areas of finance, investment and especially financing in the different economic sectors.

This important mission is carried out through the creation and usage of tools and effective institution in order to develop the country's financial system, Extensive research and field studies and especially comparative studies and, ultimately, to develop and disseminate knowledge in connection with related topics, Holding International training courses for senior managers of relevant organizations. Also, each year some national and international conferences and workshops are held in order to make companions of finance become more familiar with the world's financial issues. Such activities are considered as the main and significant duties of this group.

In addition, Applied research activities are considered as one of the main fields of this center activities as well and has taken a significant proportion of the Group's activities each year. Our group gets benefits from domestic and international consulting professors for performing various projects. Providing financial advice and investment in the following cases are among the Other important areas which were in our focus within the last two years.

- Consultation on developing financing models

- Provide the Advisor and implementation of operational plans

- Providing advice for designing tools and new financial institutions

- Advising domestic and foreign bonds to release

- Provide advice for managing liquidity risk, credit and operations of banks and financial institutions and credit

- Preparation of technical feasibility, financial and business plans

Taking advantage of the expertise of human resources for better services who have graduated from the best universities is considered as one the main features of our group.

It is our honor to mention that establishing of the Darik Novin Financial advisory and investment company and also contributing to the formation of Sharif Export Development and Technology which is a research and technology fund NGO are considered as the tangible results from the group's activities in order to help and creating the tools and financial institutions in order to develop effective business and cover the needs of the community.